Memory’s prayer

Thank you, Lord, for freedom
won for us by Thee.
You’ve given life that we might live
to serve all whom we see
who struggle with need, fear or opression’s bond,
hard-striving just to be.

Thank you, Lord, for those who fight
to defend humanity,
from our own selfish nature
frought with cruelty.
For those who place themselves in line
between those strong and weak,
to free the victims of dis-grace
to live as our souls seek.

For those, Lord, who have fallen
while standing in harm’s way,
we thank you on this day.
Their sacrifice, so like your own,
makes us free today.
Help us, Lord, to cherish
all that has been done;
to understand, more and more,
the ways that you have won.
Ways of freedom and of grace,
of justice and your peace;
ways of living that give life,
joy, health and unity.

Lord, in your mercy, give us grace
to love in your own way.
To stand for freedom for each soul,
defending in your strength
the dignity of each one, dear Lord, and
going the full length
for life and peace and hearts that long
to beat with yours
never to fall faint.


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