More on Daniel Herzog’s move to RCC

I’m posting below the text of the letter Bishop Dan sent to Bishop Bill, as posted at Albany Intercessor:

March 19, 2007
Feast of Saint Joseph

The Right Reverend William H. Love Bishop of Albany
68 South Swan Street
Albany, NY 12210

Dear Bishop Bishop Bill,

I have written to the Presiding Bishop to advise here [sic] that last week Carol and I were received into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. This action is the result of three and a half years of focused prayer and study. There is a sense of joyful contentment in being in union with the office of Peter and the universal church. There is also an element of sadness at losing a special connection with the devoted clergy and outstanding lay leaders serving Christ in the Episcopal Diocese of Albany, and the Anglican Communion

You and many others are aware of the turmoil which has enveloped the Episcopal Church since the decisions and actions of the General Convention in 2003. That turmoil was not merely external. It also caused a lot of hidden tears. To my mind, the power which the Convention claimed to exercise in fact negated any previous authority on which I had relied. It caused me to engage in a fresh examination of apostolic teaching and authority.

In spite of my personal grief over all this, my sense of duty to the Diocese, its clergy and people required that I not walk away from my office and leave vulnerable this diocese which I love. I believed that it was my responsibility to provide for a transition to the future. Your subsequent election and consecration discharged that duty and has given me the liberty to follow my conscience, and now resign my orders and membership in the House of Bishops.

It is certainly no reflection on you or your ministry which Carol and I both admire and respect and for which we pray daily. Needless to say, we have only fondness and appreciation for you and the Diocese in whose ministry Carol and I have invested the past thirty-five years of our lives.

We have now an even greater incentive to pray for that unity which Christ willed for His church, a unity embedded in that faith once delivered to the saints.

With every wish for a holy celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, I remain,

In Christ,

Signed/ Daniel W. Herzog

An article from today’s Times Union is here.

Lots of comments on TitusOneNine and a few on Stand Firm.

UPDATE @ 2:20 pm: Episcopal News Service has the text of the Presiding Bishop’s letter in response to (Bishop) Dan, and her letter to the House of Bishops on the matter. You can read them here.

UPDATE @ 6:00 pm: There are a number of blogs and other news sites have been repeating the story. Perhaps the most interesting spot I found was The Irish Angle which is the Church of Ireland newspaper. Of course, this is because of the close relationship between the Diocese of Albany and the United Diocese of Down and Dromore.

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