Moving day

Today was the day we moved Tim into his dorm room at the College of Saint Rose.  As we arrived, no fewer than 15 green t-shirt wearing students clapped and cheered and emptied our car of Tim’s belongings and carried them into the designated room in Brubacher Hall‘s west wing (the front, right section of the photo).

We proceeded to unpack, make a Wal-Mart run for a bookcase (because a college dorm room doesn’t need one of those as standard issue?), watch Tom assemble the bookcase, and then get some lunch together.

Tim’s roommate arrived shortly after we did, so for a while there were 6 people arranging belongings in a 12×12 room. :) Frankie is from Long Island, also brought 2 guitars, and is a Mets fan, so things there got off to a good start between them.

In other moving news, our friend Stacy, who has lived with our family for a little over 3 years, also moved a few more of her belongings to the apartment she’ll be sharing with a co-worker of hers.  Tonight, Tom, Cathie and I are hanging out at home (and Cathie’s not letting the funny little stuffed elephant wearing the Saint Rose t-shirt that Tim gave her today get far away from her).  Soon, there will be “last minute” preparations for her return to school at the top of the list.

For those wondering, I’m doing fine.  Everyone I talk to seems to ask me, so I thought I’d just share that.  Of course I’ll miss my guy! I’m sure we’ll chat on IM, trade texts, and catch up from time to time on the phone, and, after all, he’s just 2 miles away!  We’ll always be here for him. But, especially after all he’s been through, I’m looking forward to seeing him gain his footing, thrive and grow into his own life and choices;  stretch beyond the limits he thinks are there; study the sound engineering and music topics that have been his passion since he was 8-years-old; and, most of all, become the man God has purposed him to be.

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