My assumed name

I took care of one very important detail yesterday, an essential step forward in establishing a ‘creative consulting business’.  I filed what my state and county so entertainingly calls a Certificate of Doing Business Under Assumed Name – more commonly referred to as a “DBA”.  I have the permission of the state, according to this nifty little pamphlet they gave me as a door prize, to be Verbitude (though I thought Joe at CtK made a great suggestion for my ‘assumed name’ to be Snobbig Ittap!).  Now I can officially do things for my company like have a bank account and pay all my own taxes!  Isn’t that exciting?!  I know, I’m a geek.

To celebrate, I went out an bought Verbitude‘s first asset – a snowflake microphone – and spent a chunk of time looking for software to help me manage projects and invoicing (I’m giving Billings 2.5 a whirl, but am still open to suggestions).  Behind the scenes, things like a logo and a website are coming together.  All, of course, to give a clearer picture of what I believe God is opening the doors to for my “work” life… it’s hard for me to even think about it as work!  Well, most of the time. 😉  The fact is, many of the aspects that will mark Verbitude are already a part of my life – specialized communication and networking.  It’s most like a bit of furniture rearranging in terms of the time in my day.

What really is most exciting is seeing the first projects develop, talking with folks about new project proposals, and smiling with amazement as I see how God has brought me to this place in life; sometimes kicking and screaming!  I didn’t start out knowing what I know, neither had I experienced what circumstances brought me to the perspective I have.  I’m a bit  out of my comfort zone, and I never at all planned to do what I’m doing… sure signs that God’s got his holy fingers in the mix.  Good thing I really, really trust him, and that I really like his style!

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  1. Tom
    July 5, 2008 at 10:07 pm #

    Is it verbitude with attitude?(:


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