No Line on the Horizon

Since their songs first came to the US on import vinyl, were only played in clubs and college radio, I have loved the artistry of U2.  The aching faith, the drive to make the world better that comes through on this new album, No Line on the Horizon, reminds me of The Joshua Tree, How to Dismantle the Atomic Bomb, and even Boy and October.  In fact, there is a musical place on No Line that will take you musically to every part of U2’s discography.  That body of work having been the soundtrack of my life from college to now, I find this album as comfortable as sitting down for a chat with an old friend and challenging at once.

Though I’ve only listened through the songs a few times since they were released for play on U2’s MySpace last week, I think this is a brilliant effort (and may be some of the best work by guitarist The Edge).  The track “Magnificent” has me captivated as it draws me into worship of God, while the single “Get On Your Boots” reminds that ‘laughter is eternity/if joy is real’ and “Stand Up Comedy” demands we ‘stand up for hope, faith, love, while I’m getting over certainty/stop helping God across the road like a little old lady’ .  If you want to give it a listen, you can download the complete album from amazon mp3 for $3.99 for a limited time by clicking the album cover image or this link.


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  1. Chris S.
    March 3, 2009 at 9:30 am #

    I think you take on The Edge is all relative, I mean it is easy to think that he is getting better but in fact the rest of the band is just aging while he isn’t. I mean look at the pics! JK! JK! The thing I like about U2 is that every time out they are doing something new all while still sounding like U2. Thanks for sharing and that deal on Amazon is sweet!

  2. Tracy
    March 4, 2009 at 9:05 am #


    thank you! I haven’t yet listened to “No line on the Horizon” with the exception of “Get on your boots” at the opening of the Grammy’s…which immediately got me off the couch and dancing like I was 13 again and listening to Unforgetable Fire and The Joshua Tree.

    I also feel like U2 has been the music of my life, much like my dad feels about Yes or The Rolling Stones.

    When I heard Get on your boots I heard again the words of something that meant more than just a new fluff pop song. And I was thanking God! The timing of this new album (do we even call them albums anymore) was just right. I’ve been searching the radio stations for something more, something meaningful…I just still hadn’t found what I was looking for…lol… until the opening performance of the Grammy’s and it was like a light from teenagedom fell back upon me and there were my boys again speaking the truth and pointing it out…woooo hoooo!!!

    I’ve been online a bunch searching for tickets for this summer’s tour, and have even entertained the thought of being a U2 roadie and going out and being a schwag girl (selling tee shirts) and of course doing some evangelizing…but ah, I have reponsibilities now, and surely the tour will come close enough. Summer of 91 I saw Zoo outside broadcast 5 times, including the opening night at Giant Stadium, Yankee Stadium, The track at Saratoga (who knew then I would actually live here) Foxboro and Hartford…it was an amazing summer and no two shows were the same.

    I’ve been yearning for something like this and am happy to hear from you, someone I trust that the boys are back and in full form! Running to get my copy today after work.

    Peace Out! and I, I believe in Love!


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