NYWC: Intersection reflections

If I had to describe the main stage speakers (so far) with just two words, I would use these: Interesting intersections.

I could leave it right there, and I’m tempted to do just that. But, that wouldn’t make for very good reading for anyone else, would it? What follows is some preliminary processing around those words, interesting intersections.

Tony Campolo spoke to us about the theology of time, reminding me that we serve a God who is omnipresent, who was and is in our past, present and future simultaneously, eternally.  In every moment that ever has or will be, we intersect with God.

Donald Miller spoke to us about the process of story, and touched on the idea that we are in the middle of the narrative about conflict and God’s redemption of the world. Our stories intersect with others’ stories. Tell a hopeful story.

Three teenagers – Zach Hunter, Jordan Foxworthy, and Jaime Coleman – talked about what happened to them when their lives met other, very different, lives and their response to that encounter. When our stories intersect there is an opportunity to make a difference. Create intersections to allow responses.

Liz Murray appeared on the stage and shared what happened when her tumultuous life met another and was altered incalculably.  Intersections can be course altering. Be there for them.

This blog has always had the subtitle At the Intersection of Life and Grace because I want to observe, and participate in, what happens at these places of interesting intersection between lives and stories.  I’m fascinated by them, I am who I am because of intersections just like them.

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  1. Dave Turner
    November 1, 2009 at 11:19 pm #

    Hey, it was great getting to know you at lunch today! I think a lot of our lives can be summarized as a series of intersections, sometimes ending up in left turns, right turns, moving forwards or even collisions. Great thoughts!

    In Christ,
    Dave Turner ~ the bald/bearded friend of Tony and Jesus :0

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