NYWC – Saturday (& Sunday am)

What an incredibly long day! It was great fun, and awesome connections were made. Tried a couple of workshops, but found both of them strangely familiar and because I was really having trouble sitting still and paying attention, I headed out to “network” – that’s the fancy word for skipping and talking with the other people who aren’t in seminars either.

Talked for a while with David the very kind YS marketing guy, Joey Potter a fan-tastic encourager to me, and Jim Hancock who’s written this must have book for youth workers. He shared that it’s being adapted for parents, which I think is an incredible idea and will bless many with support in tough cirsumstances. Also got to talk with Mindi (another YS family member) about many things, including her role to keep touch with denominational youth leadership. I’ll be joining several others tonight for dinner to hear more and network some more too. So, that was a productive seminar time!

In the general session Saturday morning, truly enjoyed hearing from Philip Yancey, whose books I’ve found wonderful over the years. More music, some hysterical fun as well. Laughing is good.

The later general session featured a message from Chris Hill, and when I get the bugs out of this beta blogger thing I’ll add pics that show him making the point “I am A light… but I’m not THAT light.” Great, great message and a much needed reminder that we point kids to THE LIGHT… that’s what we do.

Last day of worship leadership with Starfield, and I’ve really been blessed to worship with them. Fun set of old-timey songs (70s, Tim said) this morning, and their own brand of upbeat, rockin’ worship in their last set with us. I still have this going through my head… “I’m a fire. I’m a flood. I’m a revolution. I’m a war, already won. I’m a revolution.” Think it’s a keeper.

More fun times with YMXers at dinner. There’s been an amazing connection being made for folks there, and the times of encouragement/encouraging each other, of pulling loners into our far-flung family of forum addicts has been, well, an amazing blessing.

But the absolute best part of the day? Two words. Shane. Claiborne. WHAT a contrast to Tony Campolo, though Shane was the subject of most of the stories TC shared. To hear Shane tell them is radically uplifting. He touches many of the chords that make my heart pound about radical service to Christ in people who are poor (in any description). Heard more from him at Sunday morning’s session… wow.

The other wow? Phil Vischer on his experience in having the Big Idea dream die to resurrect his surrender to the Almighty. I want to listen to it again and give it to everyone I know. Just wow.

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