NYWC – Thursday & Friday

After a fairly uncomfortable and somewhat surreal plane ride down here to Atlanta, I did finally arrive at our hotel and then the GWCC to locate our booth space and check us in.  Then, after Adam and Todd finally made it here, we got things set up.

The plan to stream live from the booth has been seriously thwarted by the extreme lack of bandwidth available to us.  It takes a very long time to even load the display pages of the site so we can show people.  Pretty annoying considering what we paid for the internet connection!  However, it has been fantastic meeting people from the YMX community, and introducing new people to what we have to offer.  Since the exhibit hall opened  probably more than 300 people registered to win the iPod nano and it was fun to talk about networking and encouraging one another.

The first general session was this afternoon, and it’s always amazing to me to see so many youth workers in one location (never mind consider that there have already been NYWCs in 2 other cities this fall!).  The best surprise of the session was a band called flatfoot56 – an old school-style punk band with celtic influence.  Yes, that’s what I said.  You can check them out by clicking here.  Fun stuff!  I also enjoyed by the message given by Andy Stanley, which emphasized the stewardship of power and was based on John 13.  Lots to ponder in that message, and I may post more on that another time.  Tonight’s general session 2 featured Third Day and a message from Shane Claiborne.

Tonight’s agenda for me includes some dinner with a bunch of YMX folks, and then some time doing the data entry to get the names and emails we collected into the newsletter mailing list.  Connecting with all these people in person (each sign up pretty much involved a personal conversation, most folks were interested in what’s going on at YMX almost as much as they were in winning the iPod) has made me even more aware of the very real hearts and minds of the youth workers who come to YMX and how important that community has become to all of us as a place to be understood and connect. It’s so cool to be a part of making that happen.

My goal for tomorrow is to take some pictures, I’ve been too busy talking with people to do any of that at all.  Loads of good times to be had tomorrow too, I’m looking forward to it (in spite of the fact that I’m already really tired)!

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