NYWC – Thursday’s highlights

For the early-bird day, there sure was a lot going on!

Headed out last night to the YMX meet-up at RiRa’s, an Irish pub here in uptown Charlotte. There were about 15 of us between YMXers and friends. We were joined by YS’s President, the one and only Pancreas Boy Marko. We had a great time putting faces and real names to screen names, telling stories and bulding relationships. Thanks, too, to that extraordinarily generous youth worker-loving, Jesus-following person who picked up the tab. Just too cool.

After dinner, headed back to the opening of the convention exhibit hall. Boy, do lots of people want to organize mission trips. What a huge business that has become! I want to spend some time thinking about the concept, but my first reaction is not so postive about serving the needy in far-flung places becoming the capitalistic enterprise it appears to be from the amount of space spent marketing it to youth ministers here. Some cool freebies, and some nice conversations with a few vendors, but mostly enjoyed chatting with Kevin Ward while we were crusing up and down the aisles trying not to sign up for too much junk mail. Oh, the giant chocolate chip cookies were yummy too!

Headed to the late night concert with one of my fav new bands, Leeland, and the main worship leaders for the convention, Starfield. After Leeland’s set was able to snag a five minute interview with the band for the YMX podcast. If you’re interested in listening to that, head over to YMX or search Youth Ministry Exchange on iTunes and add it to your subscriptions.

Hoping to check in with some of the folks here for the Anglican Communion Network youth ministry gathering. It’s too bad I didn’t get word about the gathering until it was too late to change my plane ticket (or is it too bad that plane tickets are carved in stone?).

Looking forward to what today has in store with the first general session, a 5 minute time slot with Starfield after that, time with people and, oh yeah, some workshops too!

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