One Day for Human Rights

Today marks the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  One of the amazing things about the internet, to me, has been the ability for people in all sorts of circumstances to communicate them to the world.

I am mindful that what I’m doing right now – typing my thoughts for a blog post – is a life-threatening activity in some countries!  Remember how vital it was that local bloggers got the word out about the situation in Burma? Those courageous individuals alerted the world to the abusive government’s actions, and that information spread far and wide, focusing world attention on the issues there.  In response, the government there began to tightly control access to the internet and prosecute those individuals who would dare to oppose the government policies.  BBC news recently reported that one blogger in Burma was sentenced to 20 years in jail for posting a political cartoon! [click here to read that report]

There are far too many examples of abuses of human rights taking place around the world – from the billions of dollars behind the global problem of trafficking young girls and women for sexual abuses, to the government sponsored violence in places like Sudan, and far too much more – there is a movement to refocus the attention of every government on the tenets of the UDHR by having them printed in passports, a government document common to all nations, thereby representing their assent to the document.  There is an online petition you can sign to support that effort – click here to go to the petition page.

I learned about this campaign via @HumanRightsDay on twitter.  They also have a website you can visit to learn more at


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