It is truly sad when…

It is truly sad when something seems broken beyond repair, yet claims to be working still. I’ve read my denomination’s asked for theological defense of the actions of GC2003 [called To Set Our Hope on Christ, online here]. What it is: Repetition of that of which they are convinced. What it is not: Anything like […]

Thoughts to think on…

From the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Presidential address to the Anglican Consultative Council-13, June 20, 2005: The debate over sexuality is a story that can be told more than one way. One story is this. The churches of the ‘North’ are tired and confused, losing evangelistic energy. For a variety of reasons, they have been trying […]

Hello, hello, I’m in a place called Vertigo

Or, maybe I’ve been living on the amusement park teacups, but wow am I grateful someone stopped the ride to let me off! I just spent the first 14 days of June fighting the most frustrating situation that I think a person like me can face! I somehow came in contact with a nasty virus […]

An incredible sermon, by an incredible student

It’s every teacher’s hope to see our students excel; moreso, as pastors, we hope to see our students bloom into Jesus’ disciples. I can officially thank God that I’ve seen that happen, and wonder at his graciousness in showing me fruit… he doesn’t have to do that, and it is always extraordinary. Vicky is a […]

Memorial thinking

My grandfather served in the Army Corps of Engineers during WWII. He wanted to serve, enlisting at age 32 before the United States was attacked at Pearl Harbor and was drawn into the war. His unit served under the auspices of the British 14th Army, under the command of General (Lord) Slim, and labored to […]