Where does the time go?

I’ve had a habit for a couple of years now (honestly, it’s more of a discipline) of praying over my calendar on Friday for the coming week. It was originally intended to help me keep my activities in the right perspective by offering them to God, which it has certainly done. As I became more […]

"The whole world is not a conspiracy to make you unhappy"

“The whole world is not a conspiracy to make you unhappy.”It seems like I’ve had to say that more than a few times since last April. That’s when my baby girl turned 13 and her whole worldview seemed to shift overnight. Most recently I said it to her this morning as she was quite dramatically […]

Wherever I am, that’s where you’ll find me

I’ve wanted to blog for a very long time. Frankly, I think I was afraid of the commitment my long-planned (and thankfully-available) title supposes; afraid of living up to truly looking for grace in everyone and everything, in every situation. But, it is an essential part of being who I say I am – a […]