A new Lenten journey

When I was a sophomore in college, I remember walking to an Episcopal church a couple of miles away from my dorm to be with the church for Ash Wednesday. I remember so clearly because I was recovering from mono and that 30 minute walk took probably an hour – but I was determined.  Why? […]

Coming Home to a New Old Mission

There is so much to tell you! But, first, a little back story. Yes, this journalist is going to bury the lede on purpose. Hang with me. A key part of my personal faith story is that I had to leave my hometown of Albany, NY, to encounter Jesus in words and actions that I […]

Whole30: I finished. I’m not stopping.

For quite a long time I have suffered with some chronic health issues. Essentially, I haven’t really felt “well” since October 13, 1999, when I was in a serious car accident. What prior to that had been a very active life, became a life guarded by pain where I’d been injured and then later diagnosed […]

Keeping a Holy Lent

Years ago, when my family and I lived in the Pacific Northwest, we had the opportunity to visit Mount St. Helens. You may know that mountain is a volcano that erupted in deadly, spectacular fashion in May, 1980. [Click here to see a video documentary of the event.] Though I knew about the volcanic eruption’s […]

Where in the world?

There was this post I scheduled for yesterday, a few thoughts on last week’s reading in Genesis, that was scheduled to post as I was traveling. Not only didn’t it post, but it isn’t here anymore. Boo. Welcome back to the blogosphere, Patti! Instead, let’s chat. I’m working today from a coffee shop in Ocean […]