Pics from Tim’s Adventure

Emigrant Lake

Tim climbing Ladder 49

Peak over Buck Lake

Emigrant Lake

A view of the range at the peak over Buck Lake

Emigrant Lake
(this is where they were in the thunderstorm!)

Sunset at Buck Lake peak

View from the trail on the way to Gem Lake

View from Buck Lake peak

Along the trail


Buck Lake

Joe diving face first into the snow, Matt throwing a snowball

Chris throwing a snowball

View from the place we stopped for lunch

Down the valley trail

“Shmandypants” climb

Trees (see the bent one in the background?)

Waterfall along the way

Log bypass, the trail was washed out

More trees

Matt fishing at Grouse Lake

Lunch along the trail

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  1. kittymom
    August 3, 2006 at 1:00 pm #

    Awesome, dude!


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