Pray for Maridi

A disheartening report from Church Missionary Society – Ireland, with whom our Diocese of Albany partners for missions in Sudan. It was passed on as an urgent call to prayer from Bishop Dan Herzog and Bishop Harold Miller (of Down and Dromore, Northern Ireland).

Dear Albany Missions Friends,
Below is news of an attack and abduction in the Sudan. Bishop Dan asks your prayers for Bishop Justin Badi, who was with us for Diocesan Convention this past June. Three children have been taken from his “church compound.”(Home/Diocesan Offices)

Mother Eileen Weglarz

Dear all

Just received this [and] it has been sent out to all CMSI (Church Missionary Society of Ireland) Board of Directors and I wanted you to have the info ASAP for prayer please. Will be in touch when I learn more

Liz Miller (wife of Bishop Harold Miller) has just been on the phone having received a letter from one of the women in Maridi and it makes very worrying reading. There has been a lot of tribal infighting in Yambio. Luckily it has not been affecting Ibba or Maridi so far, but it is so likely to spread, please pray for this also.

Love and prayers
Jane (from Bishop Miller’s Office)

Dear Rab Mollan,

I am writing to update you about the situation in Western Equatoria and Mundri County in particular this is for prayer [about] the situation in Yambio [which] is now under control, only on 06/12/05 (December 6th) Lord’s Resistance Army Rebels of Uganda attacked Maridi and looted the house of Bishop Badi of Maridi Diocese and abducted 3 children and one pastor from the church compound -the pastor managed to escape.

Just continue to pray for us.

Canon Baringwa

Father God, we cry out to you for relief from the ravages of war this morning, and especially from this violence waged against your faithful and your little ones. Lord Jesus, intervene. Holy Spirit, protect. Give your people in Sudan, especially Yambio, strength to withstand these further attacks against you, which they have been called to bear in this world. Return these children unharmed to those who love them. Transform this situation in a way that will be best and will bring you glory; thank you for the opportunity to pray for my brothers and sisters in Sudan, Lord. Bring them the encouargement of your Holy Spirit today. We pray also for those who persecute them, that the faithful witness of your people might shine your light into the darkness of their souls. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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