Pray for YWAM and New Life Church

image02.jpgBoth Youth With A Mission and New Life Church, ministries in the Denver, CO area, suffered violent attacks by gunmen in the last 24 hours. It is unknown at this time if the incidents are related.

Two young missionaries were killed and others injured as a Christmas banquet drew to a close at their Arvada, CO training facility. The gunman initially asked for a place to stay for the night and opened fire after being denied, according to reports. The following is part of a statement on the YWAM website:

As some of you are already aware, the YWAM Denver (Arvada) Colorado center experienced a tragedy of great proportions in the early hours of Sunday morning, December 9, as two YWAM Denver staff members died at the hands of a lone gunman who entered one of their campus buildings. Two other staff members are currently at a local Denver hospital; one of them is in critical but stable condition. The four had just finished serving at a Christmas Banquet for YWAM staff and students. They were simply doing what they did so well: serve. Please pray for Peter and Linda Warren as they lead their staff of 127 through this tragedy, for staff and students, and the families of the staff who died and were injured.

The second attack took place about 70 miles away and approximately 12 hours later as the New Life Church was ending its 11 am service. Four people, one of whom may have been the gunman, were shot in the parking lot or lobby area of the church. The condition of these gunshot victims wasn’t immediately known.  Update, 8:42 pm – The gunman in this incident was killed by a security guard; one other of the four victims was fatally wounded.

A story on both incidents, with links to additional information, can be found by clicking here.

Please join in praying for the victims, co-workers, families, witnesses, church/ministry leaders and all involved in the incident and investigation.

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