Rain, rain

It’s raining here today… again. Last night’s news reported that we’ve had among the rainiest of Mays and Junes ever. In fact it has rained 43 of 59 days so far. They’re calling for likley flooding today as the storm that’s been causing the same in DC and MD is now over us.

Update, the news at 8:57 is reporting evacuations and flash flooding. Praying for those folks for safety and a place to be received. We’re OK for now, the worst of it is south and west at the moment.

At 9:05, raining more than an inch per hour. State of Emergency declared by the Governor so that the National Guard can help folks along the Mohawk River. Our church is uphill from the area of Schenectady expected to flood sometime tomorrow as the river crests. So far, the Hudson River, nearest our home, isn’t in flood position. Hundreds of roads closed, one due to a mudslide.

At 11:00 the flooding is happening all over the Mohawk Valley from Utica to Cohoes from west to east. Looks like there will be opportunities to serve local Diocese of Albany churches by the weekend. 2 deaths reported by a washout of I-88 near Sydney, NY. Lots of creeks out, roads & bridges closed, evacuations/recues taking place. Heading out to the MRI appt soon…

Tim has an MRI this afternoon. The neurologist checked him out yesterday and after ordering a number of blood tests for heavy metals and thyroid checks, as irregularities there can cause tremoring. The preliminary diagnosis? Wait for it…
abnormal involunteray movement. Yeah, we didn’t know that. 😉 While I don’t want anything to show on the MRI, some indication of what or why will help us direct the energy that not knowing builds-up. Thanks for the prayers, they mean more than I can say.

Cathie reports that she’s really stunned by the destruction in the lower 9th ward where she is working at a distribution center handing out food and water to people who are trying to survive and rebuild. She said the part of the team that’s gutting houses found the remains of a dog trapped in the flooding. She says it’s hard, but she’s glad she’s there. I’m so blessed by her servant heart.

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