Random thoughts from quarantine

I’m not sick, but I’m keeping company with my son as we try a few weeks of reletive isolation to see if his immune system can heal outside of constant exposure to myriad germs. I have a few random thoughts as the sun tries to break through the clouds (figuratively and literally today).

Random thought 1
Our bathroom remodel (“before” pictures here)is almost completed. The contractors are doing the last few “little” things in there, and the last of the kitchen ceiling repair from the old leaky (and now gone) shower stall. Pictures of the finished product before long!

Random thought 2
I miss being around people, and I know Tim does. I’ve been working from home, calling in for my messages and checking my email by the “magic” of VPN. As much as I don’t always find myself too productive in the busyness of Chris’ and my office, it’s hard working in total isolation. It makes me a little paranoid about details because so much of our communication is passing by and “oh, I have a question” style.

Random thought 3
The school district – shock of all shocks – is being unresponsive in providing the tutor Tim is entitled to have while he’s out of school for medical reasons. I’ve called numerous times since hand-delivering the paperwork on March 15th. Zero return calls, zero tutor. My tax dollars at work. Regardless, he’s nearly a month behind on schoolwork now. Update: The tutor called shortly after I made the original post. Now she’s trying to get his school work… getting closer!

Random thought 4
The HYWF project is coming along. That’s exciting to me, and wondering what God will do with that as time goes by. It’s amazing the way it came together and has progressed.

Random thought 5
I have a couple of articles – interview with Mac Powell and David Nassar about their Glory Revealed project, book review of On the Move by Bono, and a curriculum review of Best Sex Ever from Simply Youth Ministry – to finish up/write for YMX. Then, I have an interview coming up week after next with Jeff Deyo before the release of his new project. Cool way to spend my free time and keeps my hand in.

Random thought 6
Our taxes are done. :) Refund coming in a few weeks.

Random thought 7
Cathie and I need to put together our fundraising letter for our mission trip to Bolivia, July 14-24. Together we’ll need to raise $3,000 for the trip during which we’ll be working with YFC doing outreach to homeless youth in LaPaz. I’m excited and trying to brush up on my Espanol, though my daughter keeps laughing at me. Yes, my feelings are hurt! 😛

Random thought 8
I need to blog about Gloria, and about Penny & Calley. Oh, and some thoughts about Northern Ireland, perhaps. Great stories, but no time now.

If you read this far, thanks. No huge insights, but reaching out for a little connection with the world outside of our little quarantine.

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