Had my lumbar puncture yesterday morning, now awaiting results, hoping that the results are helpful, and recovering. Spent yesterday and a chunk of today flat on my back, just like they advised to avoid the worst side effects.

This was the second time I’ve ever had this procedure, and it was the first time using the imaging technology  where they can see the positioning for the puncture on-screen.  It’s supposed to be much safer, which is good (and I could see the screen part of the time, which was cool), and I didn’t have to curl up in a tight ball, only lie on my stomach on an x-ray table.  I had an LP one other time, but I don’t recall the recovery from it (done without the fancy pictures by an ER doc) being as difficult as this time.  C’est la vie.  I’m not feeling awful, just sore and a teeny bit headachy.  Hoping that the coffee, advil and 20 oz of water I just downed will take care of that for today.

Tom took yesterday off, and was scheduled off today, so everything was pretty much taken care of between him being here and Cathie, Tim and Stacy pitching in.

In other news, we made it to an entire worship service on Sunday!  Tim did pretty well, and there was an opportunity for him to step in and handle sound duties (though the sound board wasn’t working entirely properly – it was very hot – possibly due to it’s age and possibly ‘helped’ by a lightning strike on the church which affected other electronics in the building).

My friends Larry and Jerusha are taking over leadership of The Breakfast Club outreach to neighborhood children.  They have a real love for the kids, and I hope that they will have enough help for what was and can continue as an effective way to reach into families in Hamilton Hill with the love of Jesus Christ.  I pray that the youth and adults of Christ Church will respond to revitalize this outreach entering it’s 9th ‘season’ of loving our neighbors.


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