Remarkable: a baby Conner update

handsoflife.jpgThe NICU staff caring for Conner and helping his mom and dad are calling the tiny boy’s progress remarkable and unexpected today.  His breathing has improved dramatically and today he was removed from the ventilator, the sedating medication, and given a bit of caffeine to wake him up and get him breathing deeply on his own.  His trouble with low blood volume and jaundice are resolved as well.  He remains on a low level of supplemental oxygen.

His mom, Amy, says his eyes are open and they are very deep blue.  Tonight, she and Kris will get to see their son’s whole face without tubes or tape for the very first time.  Tomorrow the plan is to remove the umbilical line (like an IV) which will allow him to be held by his eager mom and dad.  Keep praying!  God is answering!

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