Review: Find Your Strongest Life by Marcus Buckingham

Find Your Strongest Life

As a woman with all the challenges of family and working life, I selected this book from the Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers program out of curiosity. I also brought a healthy dose of skepticism to a book about increasing success in women’s lives written by a man.

Being somewhat familiar with Buckingham’s work via other books and a recent experience hearing him speak at Shift prepared me for his upbeat, research-based approach and conversational style. “Find Your Strongest Life” begins with an analysis of extensive research about both men’s and women’s happiness which explains that women’s sense of happiness has declined steadily even as more and more choices became open to us. The opening dispels the popular quote of the feminist movement which says “You can have it all” and continues to provide the means for introspection by which an imbalanced, but full, life takes the place of striving for the impossible.

Find Your Strongest Life” examines the elements and feelings Buckingham’s research has shown to be the key feelings, or SIGNS of a strong life. Each chapter explores means by which women may discern their strengths in different areas of life and put them into play by overcoming myths and misconceptions that may be standing in the way. It does not make promises of wealth or fame or quick-fixes, but it does offer information and questions to guide you toward self-revelation.

I found the self-examination useful, and can see why Buckingham has gained popularity from his books and workshops. If you are in a place of dissatisfaction with life, this book would be a useful method for discovering why and what life changes may put you on track to being more satisfied, and more happy with the life you choose.

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