nowar.jpgWhy people would think Christian Brothers Academy‘s prospective student open house is a good place to stage protests over

  1. the war in Iraq
  2. Bishop Howard Hubbard’s handling of clergy abuse allegations

is beyond me. Because

  1. CBA a 6-12 grade school with Army Jr ROTC, and most of the students go to non-military higher education and careers.
  2. CBA, while affiliated with the Brothers of DeLaSalle, is not a part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany. Bishop Hubbard wasn’t even there today, though he has visited the school to celebrate Mass for Thanksgiving.

Besides the relevant reasons above, it was also 17 degrees and snowing/sleeting as they protested at the roadway entrances to the school property. Ridiculous.

BTW, they have every right to speak their minds. It was just a very odd choice of places and mix of issues.

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