Scratching my head

scribbles.jpgThere are two highly significant days (in my world) coming up next week – the New York Presidential Primary is Tuesday and Ash Wednesday is, well, Wednesday. Both require some thought and preparation on my part.

As I blogged was the case previously, I remain unsure as to which candidate will get my primary vote. I’m registered Democrat because I grew up in a city that pretty much requires that (right back to the old O’Connell Machine Politics days), but always vote for whomever I believe to be the best person for the office. In the Primary, however, that leaves me a little stuck… actually, I’d feel the same way if I was looking at the Republican slate for this Super Tuesday. None of these politicians represents fully enough the qualifications I believe are needed to address the vast array of issues the United States faces now and in the foreseeable future.

With regard to the start of Lent, I learned yesterday that our church will not be doing a church-wide study for these weeks, offering instead a number of prayer times. This news leaves me with the task of determining what I will focus upon in my personal study, having used the church-wide materials as a starting place for that for many years. So, I’m open to book and/or topic suggestions for prayerful consideration.

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