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There have been quite a few visits to this blog recently via an internet search for “anglican”.  Of course, there are posts here with that tag.  However, this isn’t an “Anglican blog” but a blog written by a Christian person who has grown up in the Anglican tradition.  That said, I’ve lost heart entirely for blogging about the Anglican wars or whatever you want to call them. To be honest, I’ve lost faith that the people who are “in charge” can solve this, because we live in a time that values compromise and some things must not change.  I really want to care, but I’m not hanging on or parsing their every word.  It’s a God-sized problem, and it will take divine intervention to set it right.

That said, if you are looking for posts about the on-going Lambeth Conference, I suggest following the content at Titusonenine and Stand Firm, where they are both present at Lambeth and collecting links from blogging bishops and global news media.


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