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100_2804I’ll be adding my notes from Francis Chan’s talk here at the Shift Conference this morning.  You can see a number of the sessions at the linked website.

Starting video asks “How are you? Your soul?” Francis is talking about how about 75% of the time his feels amazing, and the other 25% of the time he thinks “this sucks” and he’s ready to walk away.

The church needs a radical shift. “Every time I read the book of Acts, I put it down and think ‘wow, we’re just like that.”  I look at it and think, ‘we’re so different from that.'”  The sense is that commitment like Stephen and Paul is what  Jesus meant when he said he was going to build his church on this.  Not like us. “We’re so stoppable.”

We resolve ourselves to the idea that is so different now. Acts 4:13 – boldness was what made people astonished and recognize that ordinary men represented God.  We’re almost the exact opposite, we’re more educated, and less bold.  We (in ministry) have set the bar so low.  We’ve set the bar the so low that people believe that it’s impossible to reach their neighbors.  But we believe that it’s the same Holy Spirit!

“We’ve forgotten our first love.  We got educated. We put our confidence in this new knowledge and new programs.”  Quoted Oswald Chambers about programs and methods.

The Holy Spirit speaks to US, and gives us a direction, just for us.  And we know it, and we don’t go that direction.  We get scared.  We don’t do it, and we know it.

We get stopped when we compare ourselves to other people. I’ll never be {fill in the name of the person you admire in ministry}.  We forget that we have that Holy Spirit in US.  We’re scared to listen. We’re scared to act on what the Holy Spirit  says to us.  We’re scared to be bold.

One problem is, you can be a successful pastor or youth pastor here in America without the power of the Holy Spirit. You can be invited to speak, but not in love with Jesus.  Can you be in love with Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit and bored at the same time?! Where is the supernatural in your life?

Do people walk away from your group, your church saying “The Lord is God” stunned like the unbelieving prophets of Baal when God answered Elijah.  The prophets of Baal had a great worship service, but no fire really came down from heaven.  Elijah was a man just like us – do you believe that?  Is your God the real one?  The Lord is God.

I can talk people down the aisle and into praying a prayer without the Holy Spirit.  It’s the life change I can’t talk people into. ” I can’t make her love you, God.” (his jr high age daughter)  So what do we do? Create a bigger event? Unless the Holy Spirit get ahold of her, we can’t do anything.  “The Spirit gives life, the flesh is of no help at all.”

As a dad, what do I want from my youth pastor, from her counselors? I want a man or woman of prayer, a man or woman of God who is so full of the Holy Spirit that they are filled with boldness and the confidence of God. It is the Spirit that gives life and the flesh is of no help at all. Elijah was a man just like us.”

Here is the shift that needs to take place. People need to be attracted to God. Not the band. Not the program. People need to be attracted to God. [closes in prayer]

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