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Apologies for the quiet; it tends to happen whenever there’s a whole lot on my plate.  I will get to the skribit suggestions soon (you can add to the list in the box in the first column to the right, or by clicking here).  But for now, I’ll share a bit of what I’ve been up to these past blog-quiet days.

YM Women

One of the work projects I’ve been most excited about is working with Carrie at YS to support the relaunch of the YM Women initiative on the web.  YM Women is “the ministry of YS that speaks to the personal, professional and spiritual needs of women in youth ministry” – it has existed for a few years, offering some resources and networking opportunities at the NYWC events and by sending resources out via email for use in local small group gatherings.

Last week was the official opening of a dedicated forum section nestled inside the YMX forums (click here to read more), but visible only to females who request access at registration.  Current female YMX forum members need only send me a message and their settings can be quickly updated.

The opening was fun, there’s a great core of users building, and I look forward to seeing the section grow as a resource to women involved in youth ministry.  If you’re a Facebook user, there’s a YMWomen page there to connect with, as well as a YMWomen twitter to follow.

One interesting reaction to the re-launch of YM Women came from some of the men of the YMX forums.  They made the point that men in youth ministry also have unique perspective, challenges and needs they would use some dedicated/private space to discuss.  Some cited known struggles/issues for men in ministry (like pornography), while others raised the much-less-dicussed concern of the feminization of the church/church staff with it’s related potential issues.  I hadn’t considered that in many (likely main line) denominations there could be a situation where a male YP is the only male on the pastoral staff, bringing the possibility of the inverse women in ministry have historically faced.  So, we’ll see what comes of that idea, but I hope it gets traction in a positive way.


Irony is one of God’s favorite tools, isn’t it?  I’m working on a writing project on the general subject of busyness during the time period my son’s preparations for college and dorm living need to be completed, and lots of family activity is going on to boot.  He moves into the dorm on Saturday and even as I write is upstairs folding his clothes for packing.  In addition to those preparations, we’ve had a flurry of medical appointments, school shopping trips, the start of Cathie’s swim team practices, and lots more.  This afternoon, Cathie and I will head over to Albany High for her junior (!) orientation the primary purpose of which is advertised to be school pictures, IDs, locker assignments, and probably some rule stating as well.

Of course, none of it fits into my preferred “batch the trips” mode, and yesterday allowed me the frustrating privilege of driving 50 miles to and from these various necessary stops but never getting more than 5 miles from my house.  Mind-boggling.

David Crowder*Band Review

One extremely fun assignment in the past week was the opportunity to review the freshly released Remedy Club Tour CD/DVD set from David Crowder*Band.  A full-length live concert, a complete audio recording of the same concert, and some fantastic bonus features (like learning each part of the song from the musicians in the band, and having the ability to activate chord & lyric subtitles for the concert to play and sing along) made it a fun evening watching with Tim and Cathie (bonus time!).  You can read the complete review and see a promo video here at YMX.

What have you been up to so far this week?

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