Steven Bates in Columbus: Deadlock looms over response to gay cleric

Just caught this linked over at T19 and found it to be the least partisan, most balanced reporting I’ve seen from multiple media sources reporting from the EC’s General Convention in Columbus, Ohio.

A taste:

The American Episcopal Church appeared to be heading for deadlock at its general convention in Ohio tonight as it discussed how to appease the rest of the Anglican world over its election of a gay bishop.
This weekend will see a vital moment in the life of 77 million-strong worldwide Anglican communion as members of the US church, sister to the Church of England, effectively debate whether they wish to remain within the communion or not.

They have been warned by Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury: “We cannot survive as a communion of churches without some common convictions about what it is to live and to make decisions as the body of Christ.”

At the three-yearly convention, in Columbus, attempts in a special drafting committee to formulate even agreed resolutions to put to representatives have continued into a third day and may last through the weekend with no sign of consensus emerging.

The whole article is here. As I recall, Stephen Bates’ work gets generally good marks from the folks at Get Religion, where the speciality is msm coverage of religion/religious topics/religion angles missed and captured. Here is the latest post by Terry Mattingly on coverage of GC2006.

The whole idea of a “church split” seemed so remote… it’s just not the Anglican thing to do. But, here we stand at the brink. I hope not, truly, truly, truly hope not. But, Lord, Thy will be done. My hope is in you, sanctify your Bride by your truth and return her to faithfulness from her wanderings.

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