Swimming, swimming, in the swimming pool

100_2321.JPGCathie became a backstroke specialist during this Girls’ Varsity Swimming and Diving season.  She wasn’t terribly excited about it at first, but she worked hard to improve her stroke and learn the specialized starts and turns.

Her hard work paid off for her as she earned a personal best time in each and every backstroke race in which she was entered all season.  In addition, she willingly swam whatever additional events her coach asked of her, improving her freestyle and times in those events also.  And when she had a strained muscle in her shoulder she still attended practices and helped keep team stats at the meets she couldn’t enter.

She’s thriving as part of the team, and it’s been a good experience for her (even with some of the teenage girl stuff that inevitably occurs, and even that wasn’t severe).  It helped that she’d gotten to know some of her teammates when she swam on the (middle school) modified team, and became re-acquainted with others by participating in a summer swim clinic at the local JCC.  But it helped more that she really enjoys swimming!  Of course, it makes me smile to see her choose and really enjoy doing something I did when I was her age, but I want her to be happy and engaged in life building activities of her choice (not because I did them).  Yeah, I’m just proud of her.

This week she has her last two meets for this varsity season, this afternoon and Thursday.  We’ll be there to cheer her on.  Then we’ll talk about her plan to join the JCC team for the rest of their season (until spring).

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  1. Torre Bissell
    October 16, 2007 at 8:21 pm #

    Hurray for you Cathy!

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