Terry Mattingly: A vote for the Resurrection

God provides wit and a smile for me through Terry Mattingly’s column often, so I thought I’d share the wealth. This week’s piece was, for me, a much needed reminder of what my own Bishop Herzog spoke of at our Diocesan Convention as “keeping the main thing the main thing” – especially in the light of the precipitous unraveling of what’s left of the EC’s ties with the rest of the worldwide Anglican Communion. As always, pray for the church.

The whole column can be found at the link above, but it begins:

The Rt. Rev. Nicholas Thomas Wright believes in the resurrection.

The bishop of Durham, England, doesn’t think the disciples who said they saw Jesus after his death were describing his spirit dwelling in their hearts. The former canon theologian of Westminster Abbey doesn’t believe that Jesus swooned on the cross and woke up three days later. He doesn’t believe robbers stole his body, leaving the grieving apostles to explain away an empty tomb.

No, the famous New Testament scholar — author of 30 books, both lofty and popular — believes that Jesus rose from the dead and talked with his followers, walked with them, touched them and, in one mysterious episode in the Gospel of John, prepared them grilled fish for breakfast.

“None of the disciples dared ask him, ‘Who are you?’ because they knew it was the Lord,” said Wright, speaking at recent commencement rites at Nashotah House seminary in Wisconsin. This simple statement “speaks volumes about the nature of Jesus’ resurrected body. It was the same body, yet renewed, transformed into a physical body, now beyond the reach of suffering and death — yet still bearing the telltale marks of the nails that spoke of that suffering and that death.”

Don’t miss the rest! BTW, I agree with Bishop Wright, in case there were any questions. 😉

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