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Here I am again, in a lovely hotel room going over the plan for my day here at Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention. This event has had incredible impact on me over the years, meeting amazing people who have become friends as well as gaining resources and ideas to refresh my soul, challenge my mind and fuel my ministry.

A few thoughts about the importance of the conversation. At dinner last night with some new friends, Adam said something like our (YS) role is to keep the youth ministry conversation going. I love that. The convention is one way to do that, because so many of us are together in one location, and in fact our dinner conversation was among the most stimulating and encouraging I’ve had in a while. Other ways, perhaps better suited to the tight budgets and far-flung locations of our dedicated tribe is via various internet venues like, the facebook and twitter social networks. We need each other. We need to reflect and challenge ideas that further our mission with students. We need to support each other, encourage each other to keep pressing into the One who called us when times are good or bad – or even just “regular.” We can’t, and shouldn’t try to do this alone.

My role here at NYWC is tightly bound to the idea of keeping the conversation going. These next days I’m focusing on connecting with people to develop ideas and content for the YS site. We have quite a few great voices chipping in now, but more participation in this means for conversation about youth ministry is never a bad idea.

If you’re here in Nashville and are interested in chiming in, I’m here waiting to meet you. Let’s have a conversation.

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  1. mike
    November 19, 2010 at 11:28 am #


    I would love to be part of the conversation going on at NYWC this weekend. Have a great weekend and thanks for being part of the process.


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