The Dog Days

It’s muggy today and the ragweed is blooming, which means I’m uncomfortable. I’ll survive the semi-stuffy nose and the stickiness no problem, I just thought I’d share. :)

One of the joys of this part of the summer is baseball’s pennant race. Today marks the beginning of the final quarter of the season, and it looks like it will indeed be a race to the league championships in both the NL where my beloved Mets have led since May 16 with the Phillies and the Braves never very far behind, and the AL where Boston’s once commanding lead is being whittled away by the Yankees. It’s been fun to watch more games this year than I think I ever have been able to, and Tim and Cathie have really caught the baseball bug. It makes this sports-loving mom’s heart glad to hear them talk about baseball with knowledge, to discuss the merits of one pitcher over another, shout over a great play and critique managerial decisions with valid options.

We’re also sorting out family logistics for the next couple of weeks as we prepare for Tim and I to head to his long-awaited appointment with the neurologist in Rochester early next week. Cathie is positively gleeful that Tom’s mother is coming to stay with her while Tim and I are gone and Tom is here in town working. Along with being here for our girl, Nana will step into the “mom’s taxi” role, taking Cathie to her sophomore orientation and to swim team practices on Monday and Tuesday. I bet there will be at least one shopping trip fit in there too, because that is one thing that Nana and Cathie absolutely share a love for.

Another bit of fun (no sarcasm at all!) is coming up for me on Saturday as I’ve been invited to teach a 2-hour training seminar on leading Bible studies for youth to Sunday school teachers and youth leaders. I’m really enjoying the preparation for it, planning to spend the first part of the time going over tools for preparation and talking about lesson sources and the second part engaging in a couple of different ways to “do” interactive Bible study.

An update on my tingly hands? The several blood tests and the neural pathways studies were just fine and offered nothing that would help explain the inflammation around my cervical spine. Hmph. I now get to experience my second lumbar puncture so we can determine if there is some infection at work (the first was a couple of years ago for another mysterious illness… yes, I’m just that special). That is scheduled for 8/27 (it could have been sooner, but I need to be able to drive the +/- 5 hours to Rochester and back for Tim’s appointment).  So, staying tuned… still.

This turned out to be quite the random post!

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