The Egg

This probably belongs on some website called “you know you’re from Albany if” or something, but I was laughing over it, so I’m blogging about it. It could be quite funny even if you aren’t from the 518.

albany_skyline.jpgYou might assume that the skyline of the capital city of New York State would be dominated by the Capitol building itself, but it’s not. Thanks to Gov. Nelson A. Rockefellar, the distinctive hallmark of the city’s view as it sits on the bank of the Hudson River is the Empire State Plaza – in earlier years called Rocky’s Folly for it’s extravagant expense and odd looks.

The Plaza, as you can see in the photos, is a collection of clone-like office towers for state government, booplaza_from_east.jpgk-ended by the State Museum and Library at the southern end and the architecturally dissonant Capitol to the north (neither is visible in these pics). In the center and to the east is The Egg – I bet you don’t need my help to pick it out in the photo. It houses several theaters for the performing arts as well as the NYS Convention Center. Growing up we had a lot of fun making up alternate names for it, generally based on it’s shape resembling a certain bathroom fixture.

The amazingly quirky band They Might Be Giants made a number of venue song videos for one of their tours. Guess where they played? Yes! The Egg! I’m embedding below TMBG’s venue song for The Egg (don’t have anything to drink nearby, you may get the screen or keyboard a tad messy). Come on, watch it… the odd factor alone is worth it.

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  1. Todd Porter
    February 29, 2008 at 9:21 pm #

    They Might Be Giants are great!

    I love how the PC guys introduced them.

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