The Email Distraction

919894_37031688.jpgAccording to some stunning math posted by Merlin Mann on 43folders – a personal productivity blog – it really isn’t productive at all to leave the email program open all day or to have it set to retrieve messages constantly (or for me to have it make an alert sound when new messages arrive)!  Check this out:

An email auto-check set for every minute means 60 potential distractions every hour, or almost 500 per day. Look back at a week of your emails and ask yourself: how many distractions was that really worth? How much crucial, instantly actionable email did I receive to make it worth shifting my attention over 2000 times? (from this post)

I read that while researching to write today’s tip on time management for  If you’ve got some time management (or any other facet of youth ministry) tips and tricks, you can submit them using this form.  You’ll get a link to your site and name credit and everything for sharing your insight.

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