The incredible, emotional irony

One of the little ironies that emerged in today’s coverage of the Albany County Legislature’s 22-15 defeat of Resolution 84 was just too good to let go without comment.  Doug Bullock, a freshman legislator and one of the measure’s sponsors, made two comments that contrast so nicely.

First, to those “nasty” people who called his office and jammed his phone lines to voice their opinion against the resolution he responded that US troops in Iraq were “baby killers”.  But when the measure was defeated, he said the decision was based in “emotion, not logic”…

Yeah, let that one settle for a little while.

I wonder if Mr. Bullock understands that there is no one who wants to see people – Iraqis or US-Coalition military – die.  I don’t think there’s anyone who wants this war to continue endlessly, nor would reasonable people familiar with history want to have Baghdad become the new Saigon as our forces abandon the people and projects underway.   Remembering the aftermath of that decision to precipitously exit Vietnam is important.

Further, I need to reiterate that I have no problem whatsoever if an individual is against the war, supportive of the action, only supportive of the troops, is insistent upon non-violence, or holds some other view altogether and desires to voice same to the powers that be.  Write or call the president, your senators and representative to let them hear your opinion.  Hold signs, send packages.  It is your right and responsibility in America to participate in government and have your say.  However, don’t waste tax dollars going about it ineffectively, with measures like Resolution 84.

The Albany County Legislature needs to concentrate on its own responsibilities given by the people of the county.  It needs to stop financial waste and fraud in its various programs while meeting its obligations.  While they’re at it, the legislature needs to hold the line on spending to avoid further increases in a tax burden that is already among the highest in the nation.   It doesn’t need to speak for me on areas outside it’s remit, in fact, it has no authority to do so.

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