The Mountain Moved

We have witnessed a miracle.

All of us pressing for the closure of the Son of God Orphanage in Carrefour, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, knew it was rare for the government to enforce its own child welfare laws. There was some convincing evidence that workers within the agency charged with overseeing orphanages were, at best, aware of the severe neglect and trafficking of children from this place. There are heroes on the ground in Haiti who valiantly and relentlessly sought a way to make those who could by-pass the corruption aware and move on the situation. Everyone hoped, but no one thought, that it would take less than a week for the children to be freed and moved to safer quarters. The mountain moved. Read the full AP story by clicking here.

There are more mountains.

Today, the children who remained at Son of God are in new situations. Their removal was not as planned, according to this post by Seth Barnes. Public opinion is not unanimous in support of helping trafficked and neglected children, either. I don’t understand that mindset. God forbid that I ever become hardened to the needs of those who are powerless to help themselves. There are many. They are both in and outside the United States. They need you, and me, and everyone we can muster to speak up against the inhumanity of their situation.

It is easy to refuse to look at these mountains of injustice; they are ugly and frightening. It is certainly easier to read a story of hope and say, “but we can’t help them all.” I don’t believe you. I don’t believe that anything is impossible when we shine light into the dark places of the world and say this must stop. Darkness can not withstand light. Period.

There are more mountains.

For now, my mountain moving hope will be focused on the situation of thousands of children in Haiti who face the very same kind of danger as the children of Son of God faced. The next step is to press for wide and complete investigation of the Haitian agency charged with overseeing child welfare; thereby improving the situation for every child in an orphanage in that country. Shine light that darkness can not withstand. There remains a petition asking President Martelly to take action, please sign it.

There are more mountains.

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