The NYWC: Friday

This weekend I’m at the Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention in Cincinnati. I’m serving on the event team doing social media work, which is a fancy way of saying that my volunteer job is to update twitter and facebook and take notes in the Big Room sessions and post them on the YS blog.

I’ve posted at twice today, one for Reggie Joiner’s talk on change and systems (which was far more fascinating than it sounds by that description!), and again for Tony Campolo’s talk on the omnipresence of God and abundant life. You can read those by clicking on the links.

I’ll post some photos at the end of the event, internet connection is scarce, which makes this social media gig a challenge.

A personal highlight of the day was meeting up, or rather tweeting up, with about 20 youth workers I’ve been connected with via twitter, plus a few new friends and connections. We enjoyed dinner together, and some non-cyber conversation.

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  1. Tim Schmoyer
    October 31, 2009 at 1:56 am #

    Non-cyber communication? Even my wife and I communicate online when we’re sitting in the same house! lol

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