They’re baaaack!

Yep, back to school… Cathie confidently set out on her sophomore year yesterday having taken it upon herself to ask for a couple of class-section switches to make her life more manageable. She’s got a challenging course load, including her first AP class (European History) and the notorious Math B course (trigonometry and pre-calculus) along with honors-level Chemistry, Spanish 3, and English. Though she’s not thrilled (at all) about the new emphasis on marching band competition, she is once again taking instrumental music as an elective, and is swimming in her first high school meet this evening. Fun times.

Tim had his senior orientation earlier in the week and has the opening day stuff tomorrow – military ceremonies and a Mass. Tonight is a guidance meeting about college which he’ll attend while we’re at Cathie’s swim meet (I attended an identical meeting last year). Monday will be his first full day of classes since last winter, and we’re hopeful that he’ll be able to stay. His attitude is great, and he’s in classes with his best friends which is powerful incentive.

What will I do? Be here for my kids. Drive them all over the place. Build a few websites I need to finish, write an article or two (and some other “things”) for YMX & Raising Lazarus, maybe even read a few books I haven’t gotten to yet. But mostly, the first one.

I must admit, though, that I’m going through “active in youth ministry” withdrawal. This is my first September in close to 20 years that I’m not launching a new school year’s worth of ministry for teenagers. I’ve had, and will probably continue to have, invitations to speak now and again, but that’s a whole new (and wonderfully fun) ballgame from the ground level ministries I’m “used to.” It’s ok not to be used to this new season, it’s just different.

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  1. Pk
    September 7, 2007 at 6:31 pm #

    Hey there … you’re in my prayers.


    We can hold each others hearts and hands as we go through the ministry withdrawl.

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