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My assortment of past (and very good) communications coaches would cringe at the title of this post! Both “things” and “stuff” are words that don’t convey anything in particular and, therefore, belong in the same category as “uhh” and “um” do for meaningful communication. However, they seem to describe the assortment of thoughts I’m having, and I intend to meaningfully communicate them, so there you go.

1. I did finally get to see my neurologist yesterday. The good news is that the inflammation is around the spinal column in the area of my C2 vertebrae, not in it. Secondarily, it could be a complication of my known B12 deficiency. However, with the dose of the B12 injection I take monthly, the numbness in my hands should be resolving rather than progressing.

Of course, this means we still don’t know and can’t yet make a plan to treat the inflammation in my neck or the numbness in my hands. More testing to come. Oh. goody.

2. Tim’s visit to the University of Rochester neurologist is coming up quickly, August 21. He’s been “stable” as he weaned down off the steroids – the first time, in fact, that it didn’t cause a severe flare – but still has daily episodes. I’m praying hard that this doctor will want to get to the bottom of this for Tim. He wants to name it, deal with it (even better, resolve it), and get on with his senior year of high school and college decisions in peace.

While we’re that far west, we’re hoping to make a visit to the State University at Fredonia, one of the schools on Tim’s list. It’s hard to make an exact plan for it, not knowing exactly what the doctor will want to do, but it’s on our list of things we’d like to do. We also need to find resources to visit DePaul, York, Drexel, and Eastern Nazarene. He’s already visited St. Rose.

3. Cathie’s recovered from her mission trip and has had some beautiful insights from the experience, just exactly what a teenager should take away from a close encounter with a different culture, with poverty, and from a spiritual challenge. The team is planning to get together again in September and she’s looking forward to it. She has about 175 pictures, and she’s getting them printed to share and eventually make into a scrapbook of her trip.

She’s also recovering nicely from some dental surgery that is to facilitate the orthodontist’s quest to get the last of her permanent teeth into place and positioned properly. She has a little gold chain on that tooth now, and for what it cost, it ought to be platinum! We do have dental insurance, but it doesn’t cover anesthesia unless the tooth is being removed! The mind boggles. (Of course, the medical insurance doesn’t cover anything to do with teeth… eyeroll)

She participated in a summer competitive swim clinic at the JCC near our home, and starts practice for Albany High’s girl’s varsity team on August 20. She chose not to swim competitively in her freshman year after 2 seasons on the modified team, because she wanted to “get adjusted” to high school. This year she’s eagerly added the daily and Saturday practices to her schedule for the last week of August to the first week of November, along with a healthy academic regimen.

4. Tom is preparing to head out for a week of his active duty commitment to the Reserves. He’s very proud of having run 9 miles this morning as part of his preparation for a half-marathon coming up in September. He’s doing this as part of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Societies’ Team in Training program, spurred on by the experiences of a few friends who’ve participated before. I think his eventual goal is to run the Marine Corps Marathon! I’m glad he’s found something he loves to do, even if I do seem less than enthusiastic about the time it takes. Bad Patti. Go, Tom, go! (insert big cheesy grin here)

On top of all that good stuff, I had a birthday since I posted last, and I should share with you a “present” I got myself which I’m pretty excited about, which should also probably go in a post all it’s own as this one’s getting looong. So, I’ll keep you all “in suspense” a little bit longer because Tom and Cathie just brought home Tasty Freeze! (another cheesy grin) Until then…

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  1. Albany Intercessor
    August 4, 2007 at 3:53 pm #

    Patti, thanks for the update. Torre


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