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ugh.jpgI am guilty of blog neglect! I’m sorry, really. I think about blogging more than I actually have time to write out what I’m thinking!

The past week or so has been filled with events for/with family and friends, on and offline community happenings, getting adjusted and organized in my inherited role of editor at YMX, and even a little bit of spring training baseball. Filled being the operative term. A few thoughts about some of the above:

Tim’s participation in the Empire State Wind Orchestra at the ESYO New Music for a New Generation festival this past weekend was amazing. There were 9 world premier performances of 9 commissioned works with 9 composers in attendance to speak about their music. If you listened to a recording you would have no way of telling that every musician was between the age of 12 and 18. They worked so hard, and performed so beautifully. An added bonus was having friends join us, and seeing another student we know through church perform with the Empire State Youth Orchestra, which will do a performance tour in Europe in the months to come. The only downside to the entire experience was the 5 hours in the extraordinarily narrow, barely padded, straight wooden seats in the acoustically-pristine Troy Savings Bank Music Hall.

Events for family also include Cathie’s upcoming 16th birthday, and the planning of a party for her, along with supporting her as she works as a key member of the New York State Prayer Breakfast planning team. Not to mention that only a few weeks later Tim will graduate from CBA with plenty of school-related hoopla in addition to another ESYWO performance and the CBA Wind Band Spring Concert. Oh, yes, and he’ll need a party too! I get the feeling that once it’s April, I’ll not take another breather until June!

As I mentioned some time ago, I was selected for the jury pool for grand jury. I have to report on Wednesday to see if I’ll be serving. While I certainly don’t mind doing my civic duty, to be chosen for this particular jury means serving every Wednesday for 2 months. Selfishly, I’m hoping not to be chosen so that we can go on the vacation we planned to visit friends on the kids spring break (oh yeah, that’s in April too!).  I refuse to try to wrangle my way out of it, so if my honest answers to whatever comes up aren’t sufficient to disqualify me… sigh.

A short time ago Tom called with 2 bits of news.  The first made me happy as Tim, Cathie and I will get to go to the MAAC Championship game tonight thanks to a co-worker of Tom’s giving us their spare tickets.  The second, is that our governor, who ran on a platform made entirely of ethics and reform, is at this very hour admitting his personal involvement in a high-priced prostitution ring.   Is that really what you meant by reforming NY politics, Mr. Spitzer?  And to think, I thought you might be for real.

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