This week gets an !

exclamation.jpgWhy am I surprised when, just at the right time, God blesses us? I don’t know why I’m surprised… in fact, maybe surprised isn’t the right word? Awed, humbled. But God does bless us in answer to prayers, in answer to needs and hopes, and sometimes just because we love and trust him.

A couple of examples from this week:

  • Cathie’s school grades were fantastic. Her report card showed all As, but more than that, showed that the tough coursework is clicking for her. She’s a bright kid, but it was cool to see that several areas of life are ‘jelling’ for her – in school; in her faith life with a new bible study group and her involvement in the student prayer breakfast; and with a core of good friends. It’s a sweet thing to see as she approaches age 16.
  • In light of our recent experiences with the horrific FAFSA form, coupled with our long-time prayer that God would honor our efforts to save for our kids’ education by providing whatever else was needed, another letter that came the same day as Cathie’s school report blew us away. Tim was honored with a music talent scholarship from the college! It’s a significant scholarship in it’s selectiveness and amount, and combined with the academic award they gave him, puts him in very good stead for his education. Even though the remaining amount is still far more than we can write a check for, God provided at a key time to remind and assure us that it’s going to be OK, and give Tim a huge encouragement.
  • I’d been praying for some time now about finding some way to connect to a ministry but that maintains the clear priorities God has placed in my life. Guess what? Same day as those 2 letters came a phone call with just such a ministry opportunity.

All that to say – God is good!

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