Tim update

So many have asked for updates about Tim’s health. Ten days ago, he was pretty ill with a sinus infection and an intestinal virus, which caused a major flare-up in the tremor episodes. A course of antibiotic has taken care of the infection, the intestinal deal is gone, and the tremors have subsided tremendously.

Sydenham’s chorea – though absolutely an atypical presentation – is definitely what we’re dealing with. I’m so grateful for our pediatrician who wouldn’t drop the search for a cause of the tremors when the “experts” did, and continues to sleuth treatments and information about this rare disease.

I guess, finally, we’re in the ‘now what’ stage. The Sydenham’s should run it’s course, but we don’t know how long that is. Our doctor is hoping to start weaning Tim from the anti-seizure medication by early spring to see if he still needs it. The goal in the meantime is to keep him healthy so that his immune system can recover. It varies from case to case whether, once the course has been run, it will recur. The next illness after he’s off the medication will tell the tale, most likely.

Thank you so much to all of you for your prayers. We still need them! Prayers for complete healing for Tim, discernment for our doctor, and wisdom for myself and my hubby as we make decisions about care, work and life in general as we continue to look for our ‘new normal.’

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