Today flew!

image05.JPGThere was much to do today and it made the day go by so quickly!  Among the activities:

  • coffee, homemade apple bread, and good conversation with my friend Myra
  • a meeting with my pastor about many things, including the new website design
  • a quick conversation with Beth from Alpha Pregnancy Center (located in my church’s building) about an article idea, and to catch up a bit since my office isn’t across the hall from hers anymore
  • home to grab a bite of lunch, answer emails, check on YMX, read some RSS feed items
  • pick-up daughter from after school activity and bring her home
  • take son to physical therapy, talk with friend on the phone while waiting
  • stop at Target on the way home to pick up some baby items Amy needs for Conner
  • make sure people in my home have dinner
  • collapse on the couch with my laptop to catch up on the cyber world again

wow, no wonder I’m tired!

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