Tom and Tim’s excellent adventure

The men in the house went to the courthouse for the legislature’s meeting, and Tim decided to sign up to make a statement during the public comment time. He was #2 on the list of 20; by Tom’s reckoning only 3 people spoke against the resolution, 14 for it, and the remaining few about another issue (which is actually within the remit of the county legislature).

When hearing why Tim was signing up, one of the legislators gave him a printed copy of the resolution to read. Tim said his piece – against the sort of precipitous withdrawal the resolution calls for – and in turn, was ridiculed by one of the legislators, who in turn was reprimanded by another speaker for picking on a young man who has every right to express his opinion. Quite the adventure in the democratic process for a kid who will be voting in his first presidential election this year!

BTW, the legislator who ridiculed Tim actually said to him publicly “I want to make it clear, we didn’t pick the president, the Supreme Court did”… really… even if a person disagrees with the outcome of the 2000 election, it’s 2008! He appeared to have missed the 2004 election altogether. Note to Democrats: that particular elected person does violence to the party by his public displays of inanity.

But, the perfect end to the evening is this: The Albany County Legislature defeated Resolution 84 by a vote of 22-15.

Most excellent work, Tim. Welcome to the fun and responsibility of citizenship in America!

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2 Responses to “Tom and Tim’s excellent adventure”

  1. adam mclane
    February 12, 2008 at 12:28 am #

    This is very exciting. Way to go Tim! That’s very brave of him.

    You and Tom have done a great job preparing Tim.

  2. Torre Bissell
    February 12, 2008 at 8:19 pm #

    Hurray for Tim!

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