Ugly Mug Tour 3: Southern Pecan and Brazilian

uglymug.jpgWe continue working our way through the sampler box from the Ugly Mug Coffee Company that I ordered from them at the NYWC in Atlanta. While there are a number of other roasts and flavors, we’re nearing the end of those represented in this sample collection.

I must confess, I was quite surprised when Tom chose to try the Southern Pecan flavor – we aren’t really huge fans of flavored coffees. Sadly, neither of us was enthralled by this one either. Southern Pecan does have the nutty-sweet pecan flavor, and it smelled great. But because we’re really everyday coffee drinkers, it wasn’t our cup. If you enjoy flavored coffees, especially the nutty ones (hazelnut, for example), this is a coffee you’d like, but it only got 1 empty mug before we moved on. It was the first package we didn’t finish before trying the next.

Next up we chose the Brazilian. It, too, had a sweeter flavor, but was a very bold cup of coffee. Tom and I liked it very much, I think Tom even more than I, in fact. It’s one I think I’d like as a dessert coffee, it’s full flavor and sweetness would make it great after dinner. And, because it’s a darker roast, it has a bit less caffeine – again, good for after dinner and not so good for the first part of the day (in my addicted opinion, haha!). However, we both liked it a lot, so it gets 3 empty mugs.


The tour continues… stay tuned!

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2 Responses to “Ugly Mug Tour 3: Southern Pecan and Brazilian”

  1. Todd Porter
    January 12, 2008 at 12:21 pm #

    I am bummed that they don’t do a course grind for French presses. :( I guess I need to go buy a new grinder, so I can do it myself.

  2. adam
    January 12, 2008 at 5:36 pm #

    Poor Todd! Actually, we want the same thing. We need a coffee grinder and looked at them yesterday. A course grind definitely leaves less residue in the bottom of the cup when using a french press.

    I’m liking the concept of “free range” coffee. 😉

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