Update: Haiti trip

Details are fitting into place in preparation for our trip to Haiti. I’ve had some shots. I bought a plane ticket. I’m thinking through what to pack to go from winter in upstate New York with average temps between 20º and 35ºF to winter in Port-au-Prince with average temps between 78º and 86ºF while taking as little as possible along.

I truly appreciate your comments and messages of support. I emailed those directly who indicated they wanted to help financially, but in case I missed someone, I’ve added a way for you to help via PayPal or by mail – just check the right sidebar on my blog, or hit [this link] if you’re reading the RSS or email version.

A few prayer requests:

  • For the physical and spiritual health and readiness of each team member and the AIM staff preparing to lead us.
  • For the details of the trip to go smoothly, including funding and travel.
  • For family members of the team.
  • For Haiti, particularly those people and communities we will serve.
  • Any other way you feel led to pray.

If you need some inspiration to pray by, watch the video below. It was taken by my friend Adam on his first, of two so far, trip to Haiti, just a short time after the earthquake. It’s of Rudy, lying in his bed in a field hospital, singing. I wonder as I watch if he is well, if his faith is still strong. Part of why I want to go is to encourage, to show Haitians that they are not forgotten, to help in any way I can, to listen and to pray. Thanks for being a part of the journey.

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