Ups and downs

rollercoaster2.jpgSo much of life is marked by ups and downs, I think I really would appreciate a level place. At least I hope I wouldn’t miss it while I’m hanging on waiting for the next up or down!

So many things were on my mind today, local and global.  From Cathie’s shoulder injury that’s keeping her out of her meet tomorrow to breakfast with a friend who’s trying to help us locate a physical therapist who can help Tim learn to control his body again, to watching with horror the events taking place in Burma/Myanmar, to observing the various reactions to the events in the Anglican Communion.

All on my mind, little I can do to truly affect any of it much.  Such is the nature of the ups and downs. Sometimes we can only hang on knowing we’re going in the right direction, that we’re on the right track, one that ends at the place we headed for.  That, I do know, and that will be enough until we get to the level place and can take stock of the progress from a better perspective.

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