Waste of our lives

brickwall.jpgWith apologies to the ever-classic Pink Floyd, think the tune to Another Brick in the Wall:

We don’t need no resolutions
We just need a list of goals
No pangs of guilt in bleak mid-winter
No list to hate when changes come
Hey! People! Leave that guilt behind!
All in all, it’s just a waste of our time
All in all, guilt is a waste of our lives!

Yes, readers would surmise correctly that I don’t make New Year resolutions. I spent far too much time and energy feeling guilty about resolutions – promises to myself – abandoned when life is in an ever-constant state of change and often requires adjustments.  For that reason, I much prefer goals that can be set, worked toward and achieved in due time.

Things resolved, in my life anyhow, are done out of day-to-day conviction, and tend to be on the spot sorts of changes or short-term habit shifts that aren’t easily lost in the mix.

I’m also not a huge fan of the New Year hoopla.  Tomorrow is, indeed, the start of a new calendar year, and I do understand why people find it helpful to set goals and start planned-for changes.  What I don’t get is the partying and the various social expectations that culturally aren’t placed on any other day.  It feels superstitious, and a lot like the high school prom to me!  (laughing, really)   But, I do believe we should live each day to the fullest, celebrate each new day as the gift that it is, and live in all our moments fully, have goals and honest, realistic expectations about ourselves and others.

I hope and pray you’ll have a wonderful 2008, full of good and peace and blessing.

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  1. Patti Gibbons
    December 31, 2007 at 7:25 pm #

    Thanks to Amy for this wonderful list of suggested resolutions!

    Click here to view

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