We would like to be well now, if that’s ok

First let me rejoice that it has been about 48 hours since Tim’s last tremor episode. Since reducing the medication the hospital completely overlooked as the culprit for the trouble he had last Thursday night, he’s been improving. The frustrating nonsense we went through, the ridiculous exercise of undiagnosing him (which, btw, his primary doctor was rather professionally annoyed by), led to nothing. I’m glad about that, in a strange way. Encouraging him to do what he was going to do anyway – the Excel conference and the Military Ball – over the weekend made him happier than we’ve seen him in a while, and he feels good too. That’s what matters, not the labels, so we’ll stay the course.

So, today, Cathie stayed home sick. I feared at first that she had strep because she had an itchy rash on her face and neck. By the time we got to the doctor’s office for our appointment, her rash had become red cheeks. She has Fifth’s disease – annoying but not serious for her. It’s the same strain of Parvovirus B19 that made me extraordinarily ill in the spring of 2005, but in children it’s quite routine and she’ll be fine.

Stacy is recovering well from her gall bladder surgery and seems to be on track now to be back at work next week. We’re blessed to have her here.

My health is on the mend as well. The B12 shots seem to be doing the trick, and I’m told it won’t be much longer before all the numbness in my hands will be gone. I’m really looking forward to that! I’ve been making a lot of typos, dropping things and knocking things over with my silly tingly fingers. I’ll be very happy not to do that anymore!

Thank God, Tom is doing well! So, we’d all like to join him and be well now, if it’s all the same… ok? God has been good to us, we’ve no doubt he will keep his promise of goodness and mercy.

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