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YMX had the opportunity to do a pre-release review of David Crowder Band‘s newest, Remedy, releasing September 25. Adam wrote the site’s review and I had the opportunity to produce a devotional, Infected by the Remedy, based on the album’s title track for the Monday Exchange, our free resource feature. Click here to read the review. Click here to grab the devotional.

My personal review

DCB defines cutting-edge, pop-rock, musical creativity and challenges paradigms in the worship genre in particular. I thought that before I heard Remedy. After listening? DCB re-defines cutting-edge, pop-rock musical creativity and continually challenges paradigms in the worship genre in particular.  Seriously.

I am an admitted modern worship music junkie.  I listen to it all, I really appreciate a lot of it, I’m entertained by some of it, and then there is that rare collection which truly leads me to adoration of the God who inspires it, is worthy of it, and motivates me to a new place of praise.  Remedy absolutely falls into that last description.

Framed in the context that God is omnipresent, the 10 tracks are thoroughly thoughtful and vigorous in message and style.  From proclaiming God’s glory, discerning His presence, identifying our place in Him, inviting His abiding, and singing His praise, the lyrics move us to the rallying point and give us the charge to go out and change the world.  It is worshipful and missional, exciting and musically interesting, but more importantly it is engaging us to engage.  I like that. A lot.

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