Well, here we are…

Today is my last day as a staff member of Christ’s Church Albany. I wish the word for how I feel about it wasn’t bittersweet… why does the bitter come first? I’m not doing that!

The sweet:

There’s a lot of that for me both personally and professionally!

The staff families were surprised with a thank you on the Sunday marking six months of services. PC: Tyleia Harrell

The staff families were surprised with a thank you on the Sunday marking six months of services. PC: Tyleia Harrell

First, being a part of this group of people in the picture to the left (including the two born since this photo was taken a year ago)! Working with them to start a church from an idea about how we’d like to love our neighbors has been a lot of fun, a huge challenge, and a growing experience for us all.

Thanks to each of you for listening and being supportive as we came to realize this wasn’t the right role for me anymore and then began the process of leaving (it was a longgggg transition). You were more patient with me than I was with myself.

I learned how to do some (ok, a lot of) new things. I taught people how to do new things. Together, we’ve worked alongside an amazing — and growing — group of people to start something I can only describe as significant.

In the end (also not the right word), it was the right work for me for this season of the church’s life. Now, many others will get to build on that foundation. I’m praying for you as you grow into the new roles you taken on. I’m grateful to have played a part in where we are now as a church.

Which leads me to… I’m still not leaving the church! People keep asking, so I keep saying it. Christ’s Church Albany is stuck with me for the foreseeable future! It would take a literal act of God to change my mind on that. I’m committed to some volunteer roles in our church (for the curious, connections team leader, speaking occasionally for communion, kids and bible 101, and contributing to social media/weekly email/creative). Life won’t look much different if you usually only see me on Sundays.

In my first official act as a member only, I want to invite your prayers for Jon, Joe and Ty and their families. They are so talented, so dedicated, and such great friends. [Joe, FYI, I got to here before crying. Progress!] This life goes at a frenetic pace; it’s not easy. Like all teams, we’ve wrestled through issues together and I can tell you that their heart is always the mission – in their own lives, in their families, in their teams, and in our city. Every day.





PS – Stay tuned for what’s next for me. In fact, if you want to be in on the news as soon as it breaks, I’ve set up an email list that you can join by adding your email below. I won’t give it away, you have my word!

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